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Body Corporate/Strata
Debt Recovery

Body Corporate and Strata companies choose National Collection Services for debt recovery action on a variety of portfolios safe in the knowledge that we understand the specific legislature that governs this specialized and dynamic industry.

In the increasingly competitive and growing strata and community scheme development market, it is essential your business benefits from partnering with competent allied businesses. To this end we are a seamless extension to your services to help improve the efficiency of your business, provide exemplary service to your clients and in turn increase profitability. We are mindful that our actions directly impact and reflect upon your business therefore naturally a high professional standard is adhered to at all times.

We understand when property owners fail to meet their obligations regarding payment of levies, it impacts on the Strata Manager’s ability to properly administer and maintain the Strata Scheme and its common property.

As a third party ‘buffer’, NCS removes the focus and negativity away from the owner/body corps’ new dual role of debtor/creditor relationship and allows for more focused, less emotional negotiations and arrangements to be made. This is especially beneficial should Civil action be required.

We have specialized systems honed by years of experience that create repayment arrangements that consider strata manager/body corp expectations and debtors’ specific situations. This ensures accounts are brought up to date as promptly as possible taking into consideration ongoing levies, costs, penalty interest and insurances that continue to accrue.

Debt Recovery for
Education Organisations

National Collection Services manages the receivables functions for over 200 Schools and Colleges throughout Australia.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary educational institutions across Australia have trusted National Collection Services with the sensitive nature of collecting overdue school fees given our years of experience and strict compliance policies.

We understand each of our clients have unique requirements and are mindful we are also charged with upholding our schools’ reputations when executing each collection strategy.

Body Corporate Debt Collection

We apply diplomatic strategies first if the child/children are still in attendance and convert to full debt recovery procedures when necessary with full consultation with our clients.

National Collection Services works with Body Corporate/Strata Management groups and Education organisations across Australia. We understand the specific cash flow management needs of these organisations and work with you to efficiently and effectively recover outstanding debts.

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