Understanding Whether or Not a Collection Agency is a Liability


Sep 18, 2014

For many businesses, the process of debt collection is something which is essential to the wellbeing of their business. With that being said, there have been many questions that have risen in regards to whether or not using a third party collection agency will be a liability to the business. It is known that a third party collection party will have many benefits over traditional debt collecting methods, but this is only if the third party collection party is trust worthy and is effective in its practices. This article will go through what to look for when trying to work out whether a third party collection party is a liability or not.When looking at a third party collection party, is important to do research into them to truly understand whether or not they will be trust worthy or not. One thing that is essential is to see how long the business has been around. As a good rule of thumb, any kind of debt collection party that has popped up recently out of nowhere should not be trusted. Make sure that you look into debt collection parties that have been around for significant amount of time.

With this in mind, begin calling and asking these long standing debt collection parties for client testimonials. Make sure that you get in touch with clients that have used the third party debt collection party to get a good understanding of what doing business with the party is like. It is important to talk to people who have stayed with the collection party as well as clients that have left to see what the positives and the negatives of the collection party are.

In addition, ask the third party collection party whether or not they are a part of a trustable authoritarian organization such as the Chamber of Commerce. If the company is endorsed by these large organizations that are known to be reputable, the chances of the collection company being a liability will decrease exponentially.

Make sure that the third party debt collection party specializes in the specific type of debt collection your business needs. It’s better not to choose a debt collection company which takes a broad approach to debt collection as it certainly varies on the circumstances that the debt collection needs to be enforced. For example, if you are looking to collect debt from student loans, it is much better to choose a collecting company which specializes in collecting debt from student loans.

Finally, it is imperative to look at the legal history of the third party debt collection party. Make sure that you look at legal records to see if they have ever been in the court of law due to being sued for various unsavoury acts which you
wouldn’t want to be a part of.

Overall, there are many benefits to choosing a third party collection party which will render it to be anything but a liability to a business. With this in mind, without careful research, a third party collection party can become a very huge liability to a business.

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