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As a Licensed Mercantile Agent, NCS maintains strict guidelines pursuant to the Acts and Legislation governing the Collection Industry.

All staff are licensed, competently trained and regularly tested to ensure compliance.

In line with their business strategy and quest for quality, NCS is audited externally three times per year to ensure compliance and conformity.

Disaster Recovery

NCS maintains a fully documented disaster recovery process.

NCS generates daily, weekly and monthly back-up files with each file being uploaded to an offsite (Australian based) data centre. No data is stored offshore.

NCS also employs hosted servers operating (Australian based) offsite to be used as part of our contingency plan. Procedures tested in a disaster situation returned the business being fully operational within 4 hours.

Health and Safety

NCS has in place a company wide Health and Safety Policy, which complies with all legal requirements and takes every precaution to ensure the wellbeing of all staff members and visitors. NCS requires that the conduct of each individual is such that it does not contribute to the occurrence of accidents or creation of hazards which may endanger the individual or other persons. A copy of this Occupational Health and Safety Policy can be made available upon request.

Complaints Handling

NCS places a high priority on the recording and resolution of any complaint received. Any complaint received, whether it be verbal or written, implied or explicit, irrespective of its validity or authenticity, is recognised, treated seriously and actioned swiftly.

NCS employs a Service Level Agreement approach to managing key customer relationships.

This agreement details all key aspects of our client relationship and day-to-day operations, particularly in the areas of key performance measures, escalation points, milestones and reporting.

Our fully documented Complaints Policy is available to be examined and is reviewed annually.

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