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National Collection Services offers effective debt collection in Brisbane with a strong success record in the debt collection process. We want to help you improve your cash-flow management with proper recovery and litigation processes, ensuring you a valuable and efficient debt collection service and process. We are an Australian based agency, where all of our Brisbane collection managers do not use auto-dialers or work with a script. You will work in a partnership with an award-winning, authentic debt collection agency.


Debt collectors in Brisbane are ready to work hands-on with you to manage your debt recoveries and take you through the process with a constant report of where exactly your case is. Your Collections Managers can answer your questions quickly and confidently, working to deliver efficient outcomes.


How does it work?
First, demand letters that inform your debtor of their obligation to pay and the consequences of non-payment. These letters are designed to prompt an immediate payment from your debtor. Second, telephone demands. If your debtor has chosen to ignore our demand letters, your dedicated account manager will contact your debtor via telephone and SMS to demand payment in full. And as a last resort, we will take legal action. We will recommend a Court Summons be served upon your debtor to start the legal process.


The commission is charged only on the principal debt and only charged on funds recovered. If we are unable to collect your debt, you will not be charged commission.


NCS Brisbane are here to help you. We have a team on hand ready to help with your debt recovery needs.

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