Debt Collection

National Collection Services are an award-winning, Australian-based boutique debt collection agency, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

We offer an effective debt collection service for all business types.

We differentiate ourselves from competitors through highly trained, experienced, and dedicated staff members and debt recovery teams. Our debt collection services encompass a ‘hands-on’ approach, so your Collections Manager has a thorough understanding of the history and progress of your case. We believe, by keeping the ‘human touch’ for both our clients and their debtors, has resulted in a strong rate of success in the debt collection process for our clients.

We maintain contact with our clients throughout the whole recovery and litigation process, ensuring our clients receive a professional and seamless service. We want to help you improve your cash-flow management with proper recovery and litigation processes, ensuring a valuable and efficient debt collection service.

Our no collection – no fee policy sees commission-only charges if and when we are able to successfully recover your debt. This is paid on the principal only.

We are a Licensed Commercial Agent and a member of the Australian Institute of Mercantile Agents, the Australian Institute of Credit Management, and the American Collectors Association.

Our debt collection teams around the country are ready to work with you to manage your debt recovery issues so you can get on with running your business.

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