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Jun 13, 2016

2015 Vic/Tas Pinnacle Awards External Collections Agent of the Year

The Young Credit Professional of the Year Award (YCPA) program is the largest and most prestigious Youth Credit Award program in Australia. Dale Hannan, Director of National Collection Services, and NCS have won awards in this program 2008 and 2011; and in 2015 won the Vic/Tas Pinnacle Awards External Collections Agent of the Year.

NCS Awards - 2015 Vic/Tas Pinnacle Awards AICM 2015 Vic/Tas Pinnacle Awards
NCS Awards - 2011 AICM Young Credit Professional of the Year Dale Hannan 2011 AICM Young Credit Professional of the Year
NCS Awards - 2008 AICM Young Credit Professional of the Year Dale Hannan 2008 AICM Young Credit Professional of the YearThis award is given in part based on industry and peer nominations. Below are some of the Call for Submission responses submitted to the Australian Institute of Credit Management:

Dale has consistently and reliably provided Lindsay Australia with a superior and professional service. I particularly like his no surprises fixed rate schedule which helps manage my budgeting costs. We have used many external collection agencies before and I find Dale and his team are the best. He is an excellent operator and I would love to see him be recognised by his industry peers for doing such a great job.

His prompt and efficient handling of matters gives credit to his expert professionalism as a credit specialists the Debt Collection Industry. His knowledge of complete Legal Procedures and Court Processes has enabled the recovery of large sums where no result was expected. Dales swift and efficient action that has increased recovery rates. Dale Hannan and his team have consistently delivered individual collection strategies to bring about successful and prompt results. Dale is well known and liked within the industry and his involvement within the AICM surpasses his competitors engagement and demonstrates his passion for the credit industry.

I have dealt with many Debt collecting agencies in last 10 years being the Credit manager but in my views NCS has been the best so far. Dale who is the managing Director is really professional and the most important thing is that he is very good in collecting the money for us. I have been dealing with Dale and his team for almost 2 years now with 100% success rate. The thing which we like the most about NCS is that the clients we sent to them are still doing business with us. So Dale and his team managed to get all the debts and we never lost a client. Every time we call we speak to our account manager at NCS and don’t need to speak to different people every time which shows that they treat every client the same. Which I think is really important. They know our business really well and we don’t consider them to be our Debt collectors but our team. Nothing better than having the debt collectors who knows the business really well. In Summary very professional and very efficient and 100% success rate.

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