Commercial Debt Recovery

National Collection Services acts as an ‘extension’ of your internal credit department. A partnership with focus being placed on the associated levels of engagement, support, communication and goals of your organisation supporting a long-term working relationship.

National Collection Services specialises in corporate debt recovery with a strong and consistent success rate in the debt recovery process. Our focus is on helping businesses improve their cash-flow management through our effective debt recovery processes.

NCS differentiates itself from competitors through highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff members and debt recovery teams working closely with clients.

NCS maintains contact throughout the whole recovery and litigation process, ensuring our clients receive a professional and seamless service.

NCS is a Licensed Commercial Agent and a member of the Australian Institute of Mercantile Agents, Australian Institute of Credit Management and American Collectors Association.

Peace of Mind

NCS does not send work offshore, or use offshore call centres. Your Collections Manager is based in Australia, working hands‑on with you to manage your debt recovery needs, able to report to you exactly how your case is progressing. This hands-on approach means your Collections Manager has a thorough understanding of the history and progress of your case. Your Collections Manager can answer your questions quickly and confidently, working to deliver efficient outcomes.

The Debt Recovery Process

Our demand letters are designed to prompt an immediate payment from your debtor. Upon receiving your debtor’s details, a demand letter will be forwarded to your debtor to advise that National Collection Services are now acting on your behalf and have been instructed to recover the debt. The demand letter informs your debtor of their obligation to pay and the consequences of non-payment.

A minimum of two demand letters will be issued and posted to each loaded debtor. NCS provides the option of the second demand letter taking the form of a NCS Intention to Proceed Letter or a Solicitors Demand Letter (the latter being on our Solicitor’s letterhead.) The Solicitor’s Demand Letter provides an even stronger voice to debtors conveying the crucial importance of payment.*

We believe verbal contact is very important when collecting overdue accounts. If your debtor has chosen to ignore our demand letters your dedicated account manager will make contact with your debtor via telephone and SMS to demand payment in full. Telephone demands allow us to stipulate to your debtor what is required of them and what legal options are available to you to recover the debt.

In the event your debtor still chooses not to respond to letters and telephone calls we will contact you to advise what recovery actions we have taken to date. We will then recommend a Court Summons be served upon your debtor to start the legal process.

When we initiate litigation, we will always claim any recoverable costs and interest that you are able to claim back from your debtor.

We provide your debtor many options to repay their account. Once the debt has been paid, funds recovered are remitted fortnightly via EFT directly into your bank account. Commission is charged only on the principal debt and only charged on funds recovered. If we are unable to collect your debt, you will not be charged commission.

Our commission structure is simple and outlined below. However, should you be referring debts on a regular basis, commission rates can be negotiated. Please contact us to discuss your debt recovery needs.

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