Know Your Debtors – Getting Control Of Your Finances


Apr 15, 2014

If you are currently facing a situation where you are potentially on the verge of bankruptcy, and you would like to resolve this situation before it gets any worse, it’s a good idea to know who your debtors are, and how much you owe, in order to fix this situation. Depending upon how much debt you are in, bankruptcy might be a good option to take. It allows you to start over brand-new, and even though your bankruptcy will be on your credit rating for several years, it is possible to get yourself together financially and move forward. However, if you want to pay off your debtors, and get back to normal once again, you have to know who your debtors are, in doing so is actually very easy to do.

Find Out Who’s Calling You

If you have ever been in a situation where you are getting phone calls every day from people trying to get you to send a payment, if you want to fix this problem, the first thing you need to do is find out who is calling. Right down that information, find out how much it will cost to pay everything off, so that you can have a general game plan of how to resolve this financial issue. When they call up, simply write down the information that they give you, so that you can start to develop a plan of action.

See Who’s Sending You Letters

The next thing to check is your mailbox. This is something that many people start to ignore because of the bill collectors that continually send letters asking for payments. Instead of simply throwing away your mail, go through it, find out who wants money, and write that information down. Between doing this, and looking at who is calling you, you can quickly sum up the totality of the debtors that you. By adding up the numbers on how much is actually owed in total, you can start to plan a way to pay off your debtors as quickly as possible.

Going for a bankruptcy is a difficult time, and prior to that event, it is even worse. That’s why you need to find out who is calling you, find out what they want and how much you owe, in order to resolve the situation. If you can financially handle making payments that can pay off the debtors that are calling, you can avoid bankruptcy, and get your financial life back in order, by simply finding out who your debtors are and taking action.

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