Types of services for Commercial Debt Collections


Oct 16, 2013

When you require the services of commercial debt collections you will need to use a reputable company that can offer you with a range of full services. Below are some of the steps that are followed for a successful program for commercial debt recovery.


Resources will be used to analyze and gather the correct information in order to begin commercial debt collections.


Your company will be able to negotiate in a strong way once pertinent facts and financial information is gathered by your collection agent.


Expertise will be used with the correct resources on the approach of collections.

4.Daily Alerts

It is of importance to know that debtor activity can affect your business in a negative way, you can make use of a service that will notify you on a daily basis on the following:

-Debtors that are placed in your specific industry from other companies

-Debtors in place from your area in geographic way

-Debtor payments


-Companies that may have gone under


You can ask your commercial debt collection agency to provide you with an activity scan on businesses. The scan will follow the following services:

-Database searches for collections

-Behind the scene information will be found out in regards to your collection

-The scans give quick and accurate results

-This scan is available to new customers or debtors

-Your problem accounts will be put into perspective

-The scan is completely confidential

Demand Letter ( Final)

A letter will be sent to your debtor who can either be posted which will allow your debtor 10 days to reply or to pay the money owed. Or a fax can be sent which will make the process faster as your debtor will need to reply within two days.

The final demand will include the following:

-The collections agency will display the letter with their letterhead that will demand that payment is made directly to your company

-The letter will provide you with a formal way in the collections efforts

-Separates debtors from your customers

-This allows for incoming calls for collections

-This will reduce your collection costs and the workload involved in trying to attain money that is owed to you

Litigation Management

Legal resources will sometimes be your best option in recovering your collections in the most effective way possible. Your collection agency can provide you with the following services in regards to litigation:

-Access to credit attorneys

-Transition from the collections phase to the litigation route

-The litigation will be performed within the jurisdiction of the debtor

-Legal fees will be worked into the contingency rate

-Every debtor will be dealt with in the appropriate manner

Usually commercial debt collection is money that you experience losses on are far greater than personal debtors. You will need to ensure that your money lost is returned to you in the fastest way possible by using a reputable company that is backed by experience and success on past cases.

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