What to Do about Ageing Accounts and Debt Recovery


Dec 03, 2013

Past-due bills can ruin a company, if things get out of hand. When delinquent debtors refuse to pay, or cannot pay, it often requires the need to hire a professional commercial collection debt service provider. In fact, more businesses are now using collection agencies as an effective means to collect overdue accounts.

The age of a customer account often greatly affects the ability to collect from that customer. In many incidences, an older account is significantly more challenging to collect the a newer one. As the debt begins to age, it might be more challenging to locate the debtor. This is because individuals will move to a new state, town or home. They will change jobs, phone numbers, and addresses, making it even more difficult to locate.

Commercial Debt Collection

Because cash flow such a vital component of every small or large business, it is beneficial to hire a commercial debt collection service to handle ageing debt. By outsourcing the debt to a professional, the company can minimise costs, and focus their attention on running the business instead of chasing payments. This is important because a collection agency will only be paid for the debt they can collect, instead of using an in-house service that cost the company a salaried employee.

Maximising Revenue

When debt collection is handled professionally through a collections agency, instead of emotionally by the business owner, it is easier to maximise revenue. This is important, because salespeople will at some point receive their full commission, and maintain a quality relationship with the debtor that is slow in paying.

In addition, both the customer and the business reap the rewards of a solid relationship and provide an avenue were additional sales can be generated between both parties. A professional collections agency can ensure that all the collections remain neutral and cordial to the success of the relationship of the business to the customer.

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